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the necessary paperwork: (See Perez, above) To qualify for a CUNY MA; “Upon completing 45 credits with an average grade of B, passing the First Examination, and satisfactorily completing a major research paper, the student may apply for an M.A. degree. “necessary paperwork“–  Hernandez complied with none of these requirements. How Perez, a lawyer, is able to dismiss these requirements as “paperwork” (instead of “requirements”) needs to be properly investigated.

immediately: (See Perez, above) 1998? New Jersey Attorney General, Deborah Poritz (1996) asked NJCU to investigate Hernandez’ fraudulent use of an MA.  The Board, was able to convince the AG, that Hernandez, had finally completed his PhD — therefore no fraud. The Jersey City Reporter(March 1998) reported that “President Carlos Hernandez credited himself with a master’s degree he had not yet earned.” (Hernandez refused to be interviewed — but delegated Academic Vice President (AVP) Larry Carter to speak on his behalf.)

AVP Carter:  “The accusations against Carlos Hernandez, and other members of the faculty, are absolutely false,  They only show how much Dusenberry is willing to hurt others — for his own selfish bitter ends.” (From Court Interrogatories, available)

Dusenberry (as per the above quote) sued AVP Larry Carter for slander (October 1999).  Carter (while being deposed):  “I do not recall making any statement regarding the allegations concerning the qualifications of the University’s President,  In the past when asked about this issue, it has been my practice to state that the matter is between the President and the University’s Board of Trustees.”

AVP Carter’s statement (while he was being deposed) is significant — because it clearly indicates that the Board had been compelled to explain Hernandez’ use of a non-existent MA on any number of occasions.  And it also shows that AVP Carter, was part of the Hernandez’ MA-fraud “cover-up” — because it was AVP Carter’s job to verify academic credentials.

reviewed:  (See Perez, above) This is the actual quote, from the Commission of Higher Education, that the Board “reviewed.”  “Hernandez was eligible to apply for a master’s in 1980 but apparently did not do so…the error in the university’s catalog has been corrected.”

no evidence of fraud: (See Perez, above) “Hernandez was eligible to apply for a master’s, but apparently did not do so”  — and the Board was able to conclude that this was not evidence of fraud?  If Hernandez had not used a phony MA, at the time he filed his AVP application, he would have never even been considered for the Academic Vice Presidency.  Yet, Perez, a lawyer, is able to say “using a non-existent MA is not evidence of fraud?”

the question of whether he had a master’s degree is moot”   “is moot”  — why? — because the lawyers on the Board say so?  Without the use of this phony MA — there would have never been an Academic Vice President Hernandez; a President Hernandez; or a President Emeritus Maxwell; or a “William J Maxwell College of Arts & Sciences.”

Governor Christopher Christie refuses to hold the NJCU Board of Trustees accountable for what happened during “Maxwell-Gate” — because his presidential ambitions could be handicapped if he demanded the resignation of a Board that he himself had appointed.  A Board that routinely places political considerations (jobs for the connected) far ahead of NJCU’s students.

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